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Anti Nuclear Antibodies by Immunofluorescence Assay
Anti Nuclear Antibodies Detection by IFA
Same Day Reporting

Fully Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

- Thyroid
- Reproductive (FSH, LH, Prolactin, Testosterone etc)
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin B12
- Anaemia Profile
- Ferritine


IL-6 is helpful as an aid in management & monitoring of COVID patients & Other inflammatory diseases


FEATURES OF SQA-iO 1)Report of semen analysis as per WHO 5th criteria 2)Morphology report as per Kruger,s strict criteria 3)Standardised, 4)Totally objective 5)Fully automated reports

Molecular Biology Testing (PCR)

Used for- Quantitative Detection of Dengue viral load Hepatitis B viral load Chikungunia viral load NTB viral load

Heamatology Analyser.

Used for- Complete blood count (5 part differential)

Fully Automated-Coagulometer KC 1 Delta.

Tests Menu- Prothrombin Time (PTT) Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)

Lactate Meter By Roche.

Used for plasma Lactate estimation.

Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyser.

Test Menu- All blood chemistries. Blood Sugar,Lipid profile,Liver Functions Tests,Renal Functions Tests,Ammonia,CK-MB,CK-Nac,Lipase,Amylase,Cholinesterase (CHE),Gamma GT,ADA (Quantitative),Phospherous,Uric Acid,Calcium,L.D.H.,Proteins,Zinc,Magnessium,Homocystine,Urine PC ratio,etc.

Automated ELISA Reader.

Tests Menu- Dengue Antibody IgM & IgG & NS1. Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptides (Anti-CCP) Active Vit.B12. Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA)- TB Platinum HIV ELISA. HBsAg ELISA.

Radiometer-ABL 80 Flex

Fully Automated System for Arterial/Venous Blood Gas Analyser. Serusm Ionic Calcium. Serum Electrolytes.

Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyser (AVL 9180)

Used for- Serum Electrolytes - Sodium (Na), Pottasium (K), Chloride (Cl). Urine Electrolytes- Sodium,Pottasium,Chloride.


Used for following tets- C-Reactive protein (hs CRP Quantitative) RA Factor(Quantitative) Compliment Studies (C3 & C4) Urine Microalbumin Ceruloplasmin

Fully Automated HPLC System- D10(Bio-Rad)

Used for- HbA1C. Abnormal Heamoglobin Studies (HbA2F).

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyser-Cobas C 111.

Used for all types of biochemistry. Example-Blood Sugar,Lipid profile,Liver Functions Tests,Renal Functions Tests,Ammonia,Zinc,IRON+TIBC,etc.

Fully Automated Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity System- VITEK 2C.

For identification & Sensitivity of bacterial & fungal isolates. Results available in HOURS (Shortest turn around time)

Fully Automated Bacterial Culture System-BacT/ALERT 3D 60

Used for-Automated cultures. Results available in HOURS. Specimens = Blood,Cerebrospinal fluid(CSF),Pleural fluid,Synovial fluid,Pericardial fluid,Ascitic fluid,Pus,Broncho Alveolar Lavage(BAL) etc.

Fully Automated Immunoflourescence System-VIDAS PC

Used for following tests. Thyroid profiles-T3,T4,TSH,Ft3,Ft4. Reporductive hormones-LH,FSH,Prolactin,AMH,Testosterone,Beta HCG. Tumor markers-PSA,CA-125,Alfa Feto Protein. Cortisol Vit.D Ferritin Procalcitonin